What activities are available?

We have several indoor & outdoor activities available: sand volleyball, ring toss, gaga ball, 9-square-in-the-air, ping-pong, fishing, hiking, basketball, and lots of room for football/soccer/ultimate frisbee/kickball. We have some balls & frisbees available for use. If your group wants to cool off during the summer, the swimming area at Bell Cow Lake is less than 10 minutes from Jacob's Ladder. And obviously, our ropes course is pretty awesome too!

WHERE Exactly are you located?

We're located about 10 minutes west of Chandler, OK. Here's our address and GPS coordinates to get you exactly to the right place:

880876 S 3390 RD
35.726526, -96.964218

What time is check-in/Check-out?

Generally, check-in is at 3pm and check-out is at 12pm. However, we can occasionally accommodate groups at earlier or later time slots; please contact us if your group requires a different check-in/check-out time and we will do our best to make that happen.

What should we expect from jacob's ladder staff during our stay?

At Jacob's Ladder, we are committed to providing a top-notch camps & retreat facility that will fit the needs of all sorts of groups. That being said, as a non-profit ministry, Jacob's Ladder is not equipped to function like a hotel or a B'n'B in terms of round-the-clock service. Jacob's Ladder staff commit to the following before and during your stay:

  1. All reserved facilities will be clean and stocked with necessary items such as toilet paper & paper towels.
  2. All appliances, equipment, & utilities will be in good working order.
  3. Special requests made prior to the retreat will be accommodated as best as possible according to our policies and at our discretion.

As guests at Jacob's Ladder, you and your group commit to the following:

  1. Pay the deposit and return group agreement/waiver forms in timely manner prior to the scheduled retreat.
  2. Maintain good housekeeping habits during your retreat, including (but not limited to) keeping trash picked up, replacing toilet paper/paper towels when out, returning tables/chairs/etc to their proper storage areas when finished, being respectful of the facilities by not damaging or destroying any Jacob's Ladder property, and following cleanup checklists prior to leaving at the end of your retreat.
  3. Be responsible for any and all damages to furniture, equipment, cabins, or any other Jacob's Ladder property. If needed, Jacob's Ladder will bill for damages incurred during your retreat. NOTE: Cost of service call when the only fault is a tripped breaker or stopped up plumbing from items dropped in the toilet will be included in the final bill.

Is there wifi at jacob's ladder?

Yes! We have wi-fi in the gym and the Johnson cabin, but not the bunkhouses.

Can our group DO _________ while we are there?

Here is a list of strictly prohibited activities at Jacob's Ladder:

  • Swimming/wading in the ponds
  • Playing/using/climbing on the high or low ropes without authorized Jacob's Ladder personnel
  • Fires outside of the designated fire pit areas
  • Bringing pets (or other animals), alcohol, tobacco (including vapor devices), illicit drugs, fireworks, knives, guns, or other weapons/dangerous objects
  • Rearranging furniture in the bunkhouses or Johnson Cabin
  • Any sort of vandalism or destruction of property (including pranks or practical jokes that are destructive or require extra cleanup/maintenance, i.e. shaving cream fights)

If you have a question about an activity, please don't hesitate to ask! Better safe than sorry.

What is included with the bunkhouses?

We have eight bunkhouses, all essentially identical in function and capacity. Each bunkhouse is air-conditioned and has bunkbeds & mattresses for up to 20 people. There are two showers, two toilets, and two sinks in the bathroom area. You will need to bring your own bedding, towels, and toiletries.

Does the gym have a/c?

Yes it does! After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that the A/C system installation was completed in August 2017. The addition of this feature makes summer camps a breeze (pun intended).

Does the gym have a sound system?

We have a small, 2 speaker sound system that is usually only used for playing music through an iPod. If your group needs a sound system that is geared for live music, speaking, or other media, you'll probably want to bring your own as ours will not be sufficient to meet those needs. We also have an inflatable movie screen with speakers that your group can use as well.

should we bring our own firewood/Fire starting supplies?

Yes. Some firewood may be available for use, and you are welcome to use any broken limbs or branches you may find around camp, but Jacob's Ladder does not guarantee the availability of firewood during your stay. Fires are only permitted in designated fire pit areas when no county burn ban is in effect.

what do we need to bring if we are using the kitchen?

Your group will need to bring food for the entirety of your stay, paper goods (plates, bowls, napkins, utensils, etc.), and any specialized cooking or food prep equipment you would like. The kitchen is outfitted with a large fridge, deep freezer, ice machine, two range-top ovens, a large flat grill, warming ovens, microwave, cooking utensils, 3 large dishwashing sinks, industrial coffee maker, drink dispensers, washer/dryer, and a large supply of pots, pans, and cooking/serving trays.

how do we pay for a stay at jacob's ladder?

Once you book a retreat with Jacob's Ladder, you will get an emailed invoice within 1 business day. To secure your reservation, Jacob's Ladder requires a 50% deposit of your total estimated retreat cost. You can pay this retreat deposit securely through the invoice online via card or bank transfer, or you can mail a check to the address at the bottom of this page. After your retreat is concluded, we will figure up your final cost and send a second invoice for the remainder minus the deposit you already paid.

For example: Bob's church reserves a two-day retreat for an estimated 50 people, utilizing the bunkhouses and the gym/kitchen. The estimated cost is $2700, so the 50% deposit required would be $1350. A week before the retreat, Bob reports that they will have 60 people attending. This brings the cost up to $3200, so minus the deposit of $1350, Bob's church would owe $1850 for the remainder at the end of the retreat. Bob's church took great care of the facilities during their retreat, so no extra maintenance or repair charges are necessary.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds of deposits will be made if cancellation notice is given 30 days prior to the scheduled event. If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the scheduled retreat, Jacob's Ladder requires payment of 80% of the estimated reservation cost. Cancellation due to weather will be determined by Jacob's Ladder. You have until one week from your retreat to change your reservation numbers. This is the number your group will be billed for, unless the actual number of participants exceeds the reported numbers.

For example: Bob's church reserves a retreat for 30 people. One week prior to the retreat, he changes the number to 20 people. When Bob's group arrives for their retreat, they brought only 15. Bob's church is responsible to pay for the 20 guests that were confirmed one week prior to the retreat, even though only 15 showed up.